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The internet is a wonderful place, you can find just about anything that you want. That includes cybersex chat rooms. Unfortunately, the internet is full of websites that you can turn to for discreet dating and cybersex. One of the best places to look to if you are seeking to keep your profile and information private is an affair website.

One of the biggest affair websites for discreet dating is Ashley Madison. Ashley Madison is an affair website that has been around for a long time and is known to be a judgment-free place to turn to find a partner. Today we are going to look at what Ashley Madison has to offer so that you can see if it is right for you.

Membership Base

In the United States, has over 17 million users and about 20,000 logins every day. Millions of other members are on the site from other parts of the world. While only 20,000 logins are made every day, the community is considered to be quite active.

Most users on the site are middle-aged but with millions of users, there are people on both sides of the spectrum. No matter where they fall age-wise, the majority of users are adventurous and looking for something similar.

Signup Process

Signing up on is simple, you head over to the website and you will have a quick form to fill out. The form you fill out only asks the basic questions and will take just a couple of minutes max. When first signing up, the longest part of the signup is having to upload a picture and if you want to edit it.

Notable Features

Ashley Madison is well-known as the website to cheat on and that is the main thing that is talked about. What many people don't talk about is the features that make Ashley Madison unique. Let's take a look at some of the notable features of the site.

Discreet Photos

When you upload photos, Ashley Madison has a basic photo editor that allows you to make your photos more discreet. You can blur out parts such as your face or add a mask to your face. Not many sites have this feature but it is great because it allows people the ability to see what you look like without knowing who you are.

Favorites List

A favorites list allows you to store a list of profiles that you really like. Up to 100 profiles can be added to this list so that you can keep track of who interested in and not have to remember their username.

Ashley Madison Priority Man

Want your profile to stand out in someone's eyes? The Priority Man feature allows you to have your profile come higher in search results and suggestions, increasing the chances that a person you are interested in will notice you.

AshleyMadison Winks

Plenty of times you might be interested in someone but for some reason, you don't want to send the first message, the wink feature can help with this. Wink allows you to virtually wink at a person, letting them know you are interested in their profile. It is kind of like the old Facebook Poke feature, but sexier.

Ashley Madison Traveling Man

The Traveling Man feature on Ashley Madison allows you to speak with people in another location before going on vacation or a work trip. That means before you even set sail you can already be scheduling your fun time.

What Do Users Say?

Users have loved itself since it came out, even if they don't like the concept of cheating the site provides a quality platform to find partners for discreet dating. You can even find partners for cybersex chat rooms. The years of people hooking up with proves this.

You will see complaints from around the internet about there being fake profiles on Ashley Madison or the fact that not every woman responds. These are typical concerns about dating websites. Many of the sites around the internet have these problems. Ashley Madison works hard to get rid of these fake profiles.

In 2015 Ashley Madison had a security breach that left a lot of people concerned. Ashley Madison is far from the first company to have this kind of issue in recent years but their response was very strong. After taking a look at the security features they had in place, the company decided to start beefing up security and has not had a reported incident since.


Above you have read some facts and basic information but you are probably left with some more questions. You may have heard of Ashley Madison but most of the website remains a mystery to outsiders. We are going to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to Ashley Madison.

How Much Is A Premium Membership?

Ashley Madison does not have a premium membership but it is a paid site. They manage their paid features through a credit system. Any time you want to use a "premium" feature on the site you have to pay a credit. Credits can be bought in three different packages:

  • 100 Credits $59
  • 500 Credits $169
  • 1000 Credits $289

At first, these numbers may appear high but when you factor in the lack of a monthly charge they aren't that bad. With prices like this AshleyMadison falls into the category of average cost for a dating site.

Can I Contact Other Members Without Paying?

No, communication on Ashley Madison is not free. Instead of using a premium membership though, the website uses credits. See above for how much they cost. Each new conversation will cost you credits.

Does AshleyMadison Actually Work?

The first question for many people when they look at dating sites is whether they work or not. We left this question to the end of the FAQ so you have all of the information possible to see the reasoning behind the answer. Ashley Madison has made its name well-known for a reason, it provides the services that you need to get an affair.

Everything about the website is real and works. You just have to learn to navigate the site and get the most out of the features offered.

What Do We Think?

We think that Ashley Madison can be a great option for those who are looking to engage in discreet dating or who want to use a cybersex chat room. All of the features are there to help you get what you need. Not just that, it has a large number of active users.

The one reason that some people will shy away from Ashley Madison is the fact that it is a discreet dating website leaning towards a place for cheaters to turn. This does not fall within everyone's beliefs.

Ashley Madison will not leave you with many doubts. Making it a top website for those looking for a cybersex chat room. Did you try Ashley Madison to find a casual relationship? Let us know how it went for you in the comments section down below.