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One of the great things about the internet is that it has provided us a place to go and explore all of the things that make us tick. That includes being able to explore your sexual preferences and have cybersex chat. Most of these sites are geared towards people who either identify as straight or gay, not somewhere in between.

BiCupid aims to change that. BiCupid is the website for bisexual people to come and find the partner that they are looking for when it comes to cybersex chat or other LGBT site features. Is BiCupid the site you want to turn to though?

Today we are going to look at BiCupid and what it has to offer. After that, you should be able to determine whether or not it is the right option for you.

Membership Base

Over 1 million people use the BiCupid LGBT site and about 40,000 are active every week week. Like with many sites, BiCupid has more males than it does females with a rate of 70% male. Most users are over 25 years old but there is quite a range of users. Couples can also sign up together.

You noticed that we mentioned above that the BiCupid site is intended for those that are bisexual but it isn't limited to those who are bisexual. The site is veru much inclusive and welcomes any member of the LGBT community. If you are any part of the LGBT community you might find bisexual people who are interested in talking with you.

Signup Process

The signup process can take less than 5 minutes for most users and asks the same questions that any dating site does. After you fill out the required information you will be asked to verify your information and then have to upload a picture. All active profiles are required to have a picture.

You also have the option to signup using your Facebook account. Some users do not like this because they don't like the idea of having their personal information connected to their dating profile.

Notable Features

Every website has its own notable feature that makes it what it is. When people are considering a dating site they usually want to know what features are available. Take a look at some of the unique features that BiCupid has to offer users.


Tinder has become one of the most popular dating sites, mainly because of the ability to simply swipe through potential matches. It is quick and easy to match with people and there is no need to read profiles. Spark uses a simple yes or pass method.

Activities Tab

Being able to start conversations on a dating site can be one of the hardest aspects. The activities tab on BiCupid can let you see what a member has been doing recently, such as what they have commented on. Reading through someone's activities you can come up with conversation starters. You can also view what you have done recently in case you have forgotten a user name or want to see when you posted something.

Profile Comments

Being able to comment on other people's content and profiles can make a dating site a lot more enjoyable and makes it more social. OkCupid allows you to leave comments on the profiles of other users. Comments are a great way to show people you are interested in them or to grab attention if you need to.

First Date Ideas

First dates can be really exciting if you are looking for something more than cybersex and a great feature for BiCupid is to sort users by first date ideas. And don't worry all of the date ideas are tailored for bisexual users.

Reverse Match List

An interesting feature on BiCupid is the Reverse Match feature that lets you see a list of those you likely won't be compatible with. For some people, this might be a list of those you want to avoid messaging but BiCupid believes that opposites do attract sometimes and thus provides you with people you are likely to match with and those you might not be matched with.

BiCupd Memebers' Comments

Users have great things to say about the LGBT site. One of the most empowering things that has been said by those who use BiCupid is that it has empowered them and given them a network of other people from the LGBTQ+ spectrum. The website is also easy to navigate due to its design.

A few members have raised concern over fake profiles on the platform but almost every app has a share of fake profiles that they need to filter out. Reporting these profiles to BiCupid will help to ensure that they get removed.


From the information above there is only so much that you can get. After most reviews, people have questions that they want to be answered. To help you get the details you need we have created a brief FAQ on

How Much Is A Premium Membership?

Premium membership with Bi Cupid gives you access to a variety of features such as initiating conversations, an advanced search feature, view full profiles, and access to full photos. Premium membership on BiCupid has a variety of costs depending on how many months you want to sign up for at a time.

  • 1 month subscription: $33.99 / month Total $33.99
  • 3 months subscription: $23.33 / month Total $69.99
  • 6 months subscription: $18.33 / month Total $109.99

Once you subscribe to the premium you will get a badge on your profile that lets other users know that you have a premium account.

Can I Contact Other Members Without Paying?

Something that free users will enjoy is that you get two ways to contact other users. You can send users you are interested in a Wink that lets them know you are interested in them. As long as they are a premium member they will be able to send you a message. Free members can respond to any message sent from a premium member so as long as you can attract attention to your profile, you can make it as a free user to some degree.

Free users can also use the Spark feature for matching with other users. If you match with a premium user who initiates a conversation, you will be able to interact with them.

Does BiCupid Actually Work?

You might be thrown off at first by the design of the BiCupid website but that is only the appearance of the site. It works quite well and there are plenty of users on the site. As you saw above they have over 1 million users for you to match with.


While not the best option out there, is a dating site that will help you find the match that you are looking for. The unique focus on bisexual individuals and couples makes it a very interesting addition to the world of online dating. Just for that reason, many people make it a first choice.

BiCupid is the best choice for those that are looking for a bisexual encounter with either another couple or with a bisexual partner. Other partners can also be found on the site for those who are interested in also being able to find a straight hookup in the same place. Let us know in the comments down below how your experience was if you chose to use BiCupid.