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When looking for cybersex sites there are plenty of options to turn to. Many discreet encounter websites and affair sites are not just good for physical meetups but also for cybersex sites. HeatedAffairs is one example of such a website. By their nature these websites are made for casual encounters and you can get just about anything you want from it.

In this review we are going to dig into HeatedAffairs and what the website is about. We are going to take a look at the features, users, and whether or not the site will work for what you are looking for.

Membership Base

As HeatedAffairs is geared toward affair seekers, the majority of users are currently seeing someone else. That doesn't mean that they have to be with someone else who is dating someone. The main point is they want to be with someone who will be discrete. Just about anyone and everyone can sign up for HeatedAffairs.com, which includes couples and groups in addition to single individuals.

Those who sign up for Heated Affairs are 70% male and are mostly over 25. That being said, with over 30 million users in the United States alone, the membership is quite diverse. Not only that, people of all age pairs hookup with each other.

Signup Process

Signing up for HeatedAffairs is relatively easy, as long as you have filled out a form on a website before, you will be able to complete the signup process in about 8 minutes. Five different quick forms will ask you everything from your orientation to your birthday in order to get your account setup. Like with most sites out there you will also have to verify your email address.

You have to complete the signup process in order to be able to use HeatedAffairs but the rest of the website is completely freeform. That means you can explore it and fill out what you want. You control what information you want to give out and how people get it.

Notable Features

One of the main reasons that people choose HeatedAffairs is the discretion that the site is built around. We think this is a key feature of the site but it isn't the only feature that the site has. Let's take a look at some of the other notable features that you will find on Heated Affairs.

Personality Quizzes

A variety of different methods exist for matching people on dating sites but one of the best ways that we have seen is with personality quizzes. Heated Affairs allows you to take the famous Myer-Briggs Type Indicator test to determine your specific personality and then uses that to match you with people you are most likely to be compatible with. There is also an optional set of matching questions and a purity test.

User Verification

Building trust is important for an online relationship or even just for using a cybersex site. One of the ways that users can build extra trust on the affair site is the ability to verify you are a real person. When you complete one of their two verification methods, your profile displays that you are a verified user.

Detailed Yet Discrete Profiles

The profiles on HeatedAffairs are full of the detail you need to find a person that you will be compatible with, whether it is for cybersex chat or an affair. Everything from personality information (like we mentioned above) to your kinks can be listed on your profile. Like with most dating sites you can also give a description of who you are and what you are looking for.

We keep talking about discretion because it is important. The information you keep on your profile is only viewable to premium members. Your profile will also be able to be seen by users that you interact with if you are a premium member. That means fake users can't just create a free account to gather information.

The Sex Academy

For those that want to learn about cybersex and physical sex there is a sex academy on Heated Affairs. At this academy you can learn just about anything you might be interested in, from basics to more advanced play. You might even find things that you never considered before.

What Do Users Say?

When it comes to dating sites, HeatedAffairs is still relatively new but we have seen a lot of positive input from users. Despite the fact that there are some fake users on the site, there is a large number of active users on this affair site. That means there are always people for you to talk to.

The lack of a mobile app throws users off. Instead of having an app though, Heated Affairs has opted to have a mobile-optimized website.


Like most people who are out there searching for a cybersex site that matches their needs, you probably have questions. We may not have answered all of them in the first part of this article so we are going to take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions when it comes to HeatedAffairs.com.

How Much Is A Premium Membership?

Premium membership varies in prices based on how much you want to pay for in advance and what you are paying for. For a premium membership here are the costs:

  • 1 month subscription: $39.95 / month Total $39.95
  • 3 months subscription: $39.95 / month Total $80.85

You can also buy credits for use on the site for a variety of prices, up to $10 for 1,000 credits. The option to pay for access to adult movies or being in the search results also exist. Three days' access to adult movies is only $2.

Can I Contact Other Members Without Paying?

Members of all levels have access to the chatrooms on HeatedAffairs. The direct messaging features are not free. Any user can also use the Instant Messaging service for free if they choose to. Blogs and forums on Heated Affairs are another way to communicate.

Does it Work?

You likely want to know if Heated Affairs is a legitimate website. In fact, it is. The amount of work that you put into the site determines the ease with which you are able to find a match. The number of users makes it more than likely you will find someone.


We think that HeatedAffairs.com is a great website to start your search for cybersex online. It has a large number of users and while there isn't an app, the website is more than functional on your mobile device. Just add a bookmark and you will be able to enjoy yourself.

With the focus of the site being for people to find affairs, it might not be the right option for every user. Those who are against the idea of affairs for example.

There is no harm in signing up for Heated Affairs since the free account even lets you message and chat with other users. It won't do you any harm and we like the idea that you can communicate for free. We also like the fact that the website is constantly growing in the number of members it has. If you try it out, let other readers know what you think of HeatedAffairs.